Monday, May 17, 2010

Tired but happy, John and Dennis roll into the park. And just as I had planned, I was standing there to hand them a banana and say, "Good job!". (If statistics are important to you, I logged 112 miles today as well. In fact, they wondered out loud why I didn't just ride the brevet with them, sign their cards at all the checkpoints, and get credit for the ride. Now they suggest it. Oh well.)

Epilogue: Since John, Dennis and I (along with others) just rode the 400 kilometer brevet last Saturday, I'm sure that are not here because they needed a few more miles. They came down to Marion to ride "my" brevet out of friendship, despite the fact that I've only recently met them. This is the heart of our sport. It's not about the miles we ride, but about the friendships and the memories we make.

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