Sunday, July 11, 2010

Core Principles

I don't have a "bucket list" i.e. things I want to do before I die. I do have Core Principles i.e. things I will do while I live. I recently posted Core Principle #5 on my FB page prompting my wife to ask what the other ones are. I decided for the sake of my posterity,(not posterior, I've recently purchased the Selle An Atomica saddle for that),and in the spirit of Velocio

I should enumerate some of my Core Principles here.

Core Principle # 7: If you only have time for cleaning your bike or riding it - ride it. A dirty bike isn't much heavier.

Core Principle # 6: If you are weak on hills, ride hills. If you are weak on the flats, ride hills. If you are weak against a headwind, ride hills. If you are weak on longer distance, ride hills. If you want to build any cycling aspect, ride hills.

Core Principle # 5: If you can choose between watching someone ride their bike and riding yours, ride your bike.

Core Principle # 4: If you are not a sponsored rider, i.e. if no one is paying you to ride either in cash or in kind, then your only opponent is your previous self. Pretending otherwise is pretending.

Core Principle # 3: If you are not advancing you are retreating. Setting goals intrinsically includes the idea of surpassing old bench marks.

Core Principle # 2: If you take extended time off of the bike it should be only to heal from an injury or to prevent one. This includes injuries in employment or relationships.

Core Principle # 1: If the event you want to ride is within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of your house, and it is less then 300 kilometers (186 miles), ride your bike to the event and ride it home. It is ridiculous to put you bike in or on a car for only 100 kilometers.

There you have them. My 7 top Core Principles. Yes, these are principles that I live by, and will argue for. Although I'd rather ride my bike than argue. (Core Principle # 8).

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  1. Overall this is some real good advise!

    #8: You've got to do something when you're not riding.
    #7: Right on
    #6: Better advise has never been given
    #5: I agree, unless its in support of friends, family, whatnot.
    #4 Whats wrong with pretending?
    #3 Sounds good
    #2 Preach on
    #1 Hardcore, but kind of nuts :)