Thursday, March 4, 2010

Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs; messing up the scenery changin' my mind. Do this. Don't do that. Can't you see the signs?

Out of all of these signs, this is a sign that is too often missed. This sign says to abandon your efforts to please God by "getting it right". First of all, God doesn't grade on the curve. Your righteousness won't count for more if it's better than those hypocrites down at the church. And God doesn't give extra credit for effort. It's a "pass/fail" system. You either are perfect or condemned. Trust me on this one, you are not perfect.

Finally, any system which replaces this sign or includes this sign with any other, even if it's the "Ten Commandments" sign is not inspired by the Holy Spirit. It's a doctrine of demons. That's why it's so easy to miss this sign. Admitting that there is nothing we can do to advance our case for salvation is not easy. Ever heard, "If there's a heaven, he/she certainly deserves to go there?" Sorry. That's not a Holy Spirit inspired statement.

If you miss or ignore the other signs, there might be consequences. If you miss or ignore this sign, the consequences are eternal.

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