Monday, September 28, 2009

Staying focused on the eggs all in the same basket, which is me all over.

Today is my first day off, therefore it's a riding day. This morning my mind is scattered into little pieces over several ideas and thoughts. As with any other day, I start the day by asking, "Is there any point to this?" If it's a work day, then the answer is, "Yes, if you want to continue to live indoors and eat regularly, especially if you want to do those things in the company of your wife!" If it's a second day off which is a house chore day then the answer is, "Yes, if you want to continue to live in the company of your wife!"

But if it's a first day off, which is a riding day, the answer is much more complicated. I have very definite goals when it comes to bicycling. And those goals will not be reached by sitting on the couch with a laptop computer, or the TV remote. But the finish line of those goals is so far down the road that between here and there life might raise it's ugly head and prevent me from reaching them regardless of the training that I do. So Then the question really becomes, "Is it reasonable to put all your eggs in one basket?" I will let you in on a little secret. I don't know any other way to live.

As I have stated elsewhere, I do my best work with a large hammer, a broad brush, and a megaphone. I live most of the time outside the group. Those inside the group insist that if I would change, I would be a happy little group member. Believe me, being a happy little group member would be a welcome change to the way I've survived the last 50 years. But, they are not talking about me changing my behavior, they're talking about me changing me. Sadly, that isn't likely to happen.

It's not that I don't want group hugs and kisses, it's just that the real premise is this: If I have to be someone else to get group hugs and kisses, then it's not really me they are hugging and kissing, it's someone else. See? So I keep rolling forward; as me. Back to the question, "Is there any point to this?" Yes.

I have to live every day until I'm 100 (I hope). I have to live each one of those days as me. I have to live each one of those days WITH me. I might as well be doing something I enjoy. I enjoy bicycling long-distances. And you can't bicycle long-distances if you don't get out and ride every day with a long day once each week. So to give myself at least a sporting chance at achieving my goals, I have to do the leg-work now, today. I think there's a better question, which comes to my mind after this last year of "clubbing".

What if I work really hard to be who everyone thinks I should be and they still don't approve? Will I be happy then? Doubt it. Might as well just be me and cycle the second half - with my big hammer, broad brush and megaphone; focused and putting all my eggs in the same basket.

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